European Center for Project/Internship Excellence

Engagement of Agnieszka Klucznik-Tӧrő as partner and work package leader in PRAXIS – a consortium of higher education institutions, research labs, chambers of commerce and companies, all committed to enhance cooperation between HEI and industry on Projects and Internships. It has been composed by 64 international partners.

Aga’s  role in the PRAXIS project was to support operationally and conceptually the integrated platform created by PRAXIS to link closer higher education, especially the education of engineers, to potential industrial partners for internship opportunity in search of improved chances for their employability, e.g.:

  • Sharing comprehensive knowledge about the utility of practical skills complementary to the ordinary/standard university curriculum,
  • Analyzing the relationship between needs of industry and higher education of engineers,
  • Exchange of experiences and analysis of different approaches  of PRAXIS participants to this form of teaching/learning (Project/Internship),
  • Development and improvement of best practices in this aspect of teaching and preparation for employment,
  • Discussion and identification of the prospects and possibilities for participation in an expanding range of activities under this evolving initiative.


Aga’s contribution to the project covered also:

  • Leading the work package nr 6 (WP6) – Events by:
  • organising workshops (e.g. within bigger conferences framework),
  • organising other events, such as ad-hoc seminars that promoted PRAXIS and raised awareness of the importance of soft skills for engineers,
  • coordinating local seminars organized by PRAXIS partners to disseminate PRAXIS locally.

Moreover, Aga contributed to activities related to:

– the WP1 – Centre for Excellence by contributing to its design,

– the WP2 – Virtual PRIN Market by providing information needed for its efficient operation,

– the WP3 – Student Competences by searching for effective ways of providing soft skills to students;

  • Identifying opportunities for employability of students through soft skills,
  • Active extension of project visibility to the outside world ,
  • Supplying input into the publication of a book with the main results of PRAXIS.


Aga’s role was also linked with:

  1. Including the values of entrepreneurship into PRAXIS,
  2. Contributing to the elaboration of the concept of the inclusion of entrepreneurship skills into this form of teaching/learning (Project/Internship),
  3. Improvement of the entrepreneurial perspectives and attitudes of engineers students through  project oriented exercises, team work and communication.

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