Report on entrepreneurship among Polish women

Entrepreneurial and innovative activities of Polish women, recognised as one of the most enterprising in Europe (GEM, 2013), contributed to the spectacular economic progress in Poland to a great extent. Interestingly, Poland belongs to one of few European countries where women are more likely to perceive opportunities to start up a business than men. They also launch their companies out of necessity less frequently than men (PARP, 2012).

In terms of female entrepreneurship, one of the greatest incentives to set up a company in Poland is an outstanding variety of entrepreneurial programs designed especially for women.  The number of programmes, projects and other initiatives is remarkable in comparison with other European countries. For example, the research by the international consortium WINGS recognised the existence of 17 projects supporting female entrepreneurship across all Scandinavian countries, and 8 in Turkey. At the same time, just in one Polish region (voivodeship) – in Lower Silesia – there were 27 projects offering financial support for female start-ups, and almost 100 various workshops on entrepreneurial skills development addressing exclusively women.  As a result of these projects, over 600 SMEs were launched by women in years 2007-2013 (author’s research results). Similar projects were organised in all other 15 voivodeships multiplying their effects on the national labour market.

The results of the research are published in the REPORT ON FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN POLAND.

Authors: Agnieszka Klucznik-Tӧrő, Federica Piga, International Center for Entrepreneurship, Poland;

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