Business coaching for Climate-KIC ‘the Journey’ programme

J6/2014: Warwick – Berlin – Wroclaw (PL)
J3/2015: Warwick – Copenhagen – Munich
J6/2016: Hamburg – London – Warwick

Three years ago, after going through a very competitive process of recruitment, I was accepted for becoming a business coach of an intensive summer school ‘The Journey’ organised by the Climate – Knowledge & Innovation Community (Climate-KIC).

Altogether, I’ve had nearly 20 years of experience of consulting, tutoring, teaching, facilitating, mentoring & coaching. Out of these 20 years of my professional experience, I recognise “the Journey” as the most fruitful, mutually beneficial and inspiring education experience, which I ever took part in !

The international summer school “The Journey” has been organised annually since 2010 by the Climate-KIC as an initiative coordinated by the Imperial College London. One “Journey”  was held in 2010 but already 8 – in 2015.

The primary aim of “The Journey” is to:

  1. provide Masters’ degree and Ph.D. students with practical support to extend and deepen their knowledge and interests in climate change issues,
  2. and to lead those interests towards innovative entrepreneurial ideas and professional business plans that can be funded and implemented.


  1. Learning-by-doing is at the heart of the programme
  2. and is supported by coached experimentation,
  3. site visits,
  4. and work in multi-disciplinary + multi-national teams,
  5. workshops,
  6. field visits,
  7. lectures.



“The Journey” summer schools last for 5 weeks and are divided into 3 main parts. Each of them differs in terms of the location, the objectives, the programme.

The objective of the first two weeks is to:

  1. Business idea with climate change impact – stimulate the business ideation process to support students’ efforts in generating innovative business ideas with a high climate-change impact,
  2. Understanding entrepreneurship,
  3. Create strong fundations.


After the second week students, together with their coaches, travel to the second location. This part of the school consist of week 3 and 4, and is dedicated to:

  1. the building on the students ideas,
  2. team work,
  3. the formulating business plans,
  4. gaining further exposure to cutting edge science and entrepreneurship.


The last week, organised in the 3rd location, consists of a phase of convergent thinking and decision making to a strict deadline to:

  1. hand in BP, followed by
  2. presentation pitches of the ideas in front of the student peers as well as an expert jury.
  3. Moreover, students get a feedback from a 2nd jury – the BP jury, on the written BPs.
  4. “The Journey” ends with a reflection of the whole experience, with an individual feedback from the coaches
  5. and with the certificate ceremony.


During 5-weeks of “The Journey” students are accompanied with 2 coaches. The tasks of the coaches include:

  1. Business coaching and facilitating,
  2. Support for teaching/learning process,
  3. Emotional support of students.


Coaches, as many other experts working for the project, share their professional practical experience and theoretical knowledge with the students. Since we stay together with the participants of “The Journey” from the very 1st till the last day of the school , it is very important that we are fully supportive for the students’ efforts and deeply dedicated to our tasks. = in practice: 24/7 !


Letter from participants of Journey 3 to us, coaches

Dear Aga, Dear Pete,

This amazing 5 week journey is sadly coming to an end. But before we are going to end this with an amazing big bang, we have a few announcements to make. It will take about 5ish minutes, but we have learned that time is a very flexible concept.

Firstly, this journey was like a fantastic birthday cake. You know, you need a lot of ingredients to make a good cake. The ingredients just need to have the right quality. We –CCM- are the ingredients and every single one had its own amazing qualities. But in order to create something fantastic, you need the perfect blend. We –CCM-  are the perfect blend. But you can’t build a cake without GREAT COOKS. Pete, Aga , you were the master chefs of this cake. You put the oven at the right temperature. Let us FLAME, when we needed warmth and power, and cooled us down, when we were overheating.

Oh Yeez, sometimes we did not made it easy for you. Get us on our feet to do another energizer, when we are all terrible hangover or just wanted to work on our projects. However the energizers were absolutely great and helped creating this incredible group bounding from day 1.
Or almost setting the Warwick campus on fire, and then this really nervous moment when we had to knock on Aga’s room in the middle of the night, to tell her that the security wanted to speak to our supervisors. Pfff We thought we were grounded for the rest of the journey, but we simply got away with a “Go to your beds, NOW”. Of course… with a big smile;)

Pete, Aga, it was hard working. But it was such an amazing, unforgettable experience. We have learned so much, we grew into this whole new family and NAILED those pitches!!

We simply couldn’t have done it without you.
So, altogether, lets put this delicious cherry on this amazing cake altogether.

KALE (not Kate.. oops), CCM, Can we GIVE IT TO THEM one more time?!

Pete, Aga, to keep being such amazing coaches, we wanted to give you some inspiration for in the future. Keep the energizers going. Hopefully you will now never run out of ideas.

And of course, we wrote you some personal love letters;) ENJOY.

Lots of love, lots of thanks


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