European Economic Forum

The Center was present during the IX. European Economic Forum in Łódz, Poland on 14-15.XI.2016.

European Economic Forum is a traditional place to exchange experiences between small, medium and large companies on the market. This event promotes innovations in industry and integration of business, academic and autonomy environments.

The purpose of this years forum was to increase the level of international trade for local companies Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). many Polish companies have achieved great success already and became important partners of international markets. But since only 4% of all companies are involved in export, there is still a lot to do.

An ambitious of the Forum organisers as well as of our Center is to change this situation and support the change.

Programme and further information: link.

Event gathered more than 2700 participants and included broad range of topics such as

  • Application of Łódź Aglomeration for EXPO 2022,
  • Internationalization of businesses,
  • Smart specializations,
  • Modern technologies,
  • The future of family company,
  • Female entrepreneurs in IT,
  • Female entrepreneurs in family businesses,
  • and many others.

The X. European Economic Forum will be organised in Nov. 2017. All entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators and everybody interested in the topics are already warmly invited!

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