EC project WINGS on entrepreneurship & networking

The project’s aim is to create a strong, recognizable & sustainable EU-wide network & online platform for facilitating the access & share of existing learning & training offers to support women entrepreneurs.



FH JOANNEUM z Gratz (Austria),
International Center for Entrepreneurship (Poland),
Inova Consultancy (UK),
The Catholic University College Ghent (Belgium),
International Consulting and Mobility Agency S.L. (Estonia),
Aarhus University Herning (Denmark),
Prodest scarl (Italy),
Programma integra s.c.s. (Spain).


Our objectives are:

  • to develop a unique EU network to facilitate ICT systems for learning, supporting & training women entrepreneurs bringing widespread visibility & maximizing the exploitation of innovative good practices in the field;
  • to strengthen the linkages between EU women entrepreneurs, project managers, learning communities, multipliers &society encouraging the knowledge &experience exchange via a multi-lingual EU one-stop-shop online platform, where valuable &innovative EU learning opportunities can be found &accessed at one place;
  • to foster new business opportunities by creating a Virtual Market for E-commerce& facilitating international networking.


By achieving these objectives, WINGS will create a cluster to strengthen the mainstreaming of new technologies, educational practices &training EU – wide, sustaining a valuable knowledge – sharing environment.


To fulfil project main  aims & objectives a set of  specific objectives is planned:

  1. Development of a multi-lingual EU one -stop- shop platform integrating existing learning & training offers to support  women entrepreneurs categorized in modules according to the topic / geographical location  of the valued offers gathered;
  2. Definition of specific criteria to collect EU good practice initiatives & innovative project results in the categories of trainings, e-learning & self-study materials, e-coaching & mentoring of  women entrepreneurs;
  3. Implementation of a Virtual Market Place fostering  E-commerce opportunities for EU women entrepreneurs providing additional market access &visibility for their companies &products;
  4. Increase of awareness &appreciation of WE among EU members, also highlighting it s relevance as sources of new employment;
  5. Facilitation of a more inclusive environment for migrant women that want to start a business  in a foreign country, dedicating a special module in the online platform to address their needs with the gathering of topic -related information;
  6. Mainstreaming in all phases of the project assuring at least 50% female staff working in the project, including women entrepreneurs &migrant specialists in partnership;
  7. Facilitation of International Roundtables aimed at project teams & coordinators, multipliers, associations, NGOs & policy makers to share knowledge & experience producing a long-term strategy for the progress of women entrepreneurs across EU;
  8. Increase awareness of IT importance for knowledge sharing, networking &doing business among EU women entrepreneurs;
  9. Use of ICT &innovative tools for the promotion of the project results, networking workshops, project meetings.




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