Consultancy program for start-ups

International Center for Entrepreneurship, Henley Business School, Wrocław University of Economics and Climate-KIC Poland, invites start-ups to take part in a free -of charge consultancy program.

The aim is to support start-ups, especially with a value proposition development and/or adjustment.
The program is free of charge for entrepreneurs and takes place in Wroclaw, Poland, on 12-14. June 2017.
The number of places is (very much) limited!
Organizers don’t cover the costs of accommodation and travel, but, instead, offer a  unique experience and valuable expertise in developing entrepreneurs and their businesses.

The form of the program:  a short summer school, which will combine teamwork, workshops and short experts’ talks.

Learning Outcomes for entrepreneurs:
In a program, entrepreneurs have a chance to be supported by the international team of experienced coaches, professional consultants and by the open-minded students of entrepreneurship.

Each start-up will be accompanied by one working team, which will offer its full capacity to identify the weak area(s) of a start-up, analyze it and come up with proposition(s) of the improvement(s).

How it all started:
In 2015 Henley Business School brought 30 enthusiastic students to Wroclaw where they took a specially designed 3-day entrepreneurship consultancy program, helping entrepreneurs to challenge or validate their start-up thinking.

The visit was in collaboration with the International Center for Entrepreneurship and the Climate-KIC Poland education team.

6 Entrepreneurs worked in a one day workshop with students and coaches in a stimulating process that led to entrepreneurs having a sharper focus for the venture plans and a stronger confidence in the words they use to explain their venture ideas to ‘outsiders’.

We repeated this success in 2016, bringing twice as many students, twice as many entrepreneurs and coaches.

The program in 2017 has been designed in a way to use the experience of the previous years and to offer a unique opportunity for all participants taking part in it.

In 2017, among the speakers are

  • Keith Heron – Programme Area Director for PG Business and Management programs, Henley Business School,
  • Andrew Godley –
    Professor of Management, Henley Business School,
  • Agnieszka Klucznik-Toro –
    head of International Center for Entrepreneurship, start-ups coach, consultant
  • Sebastian Pucułek –
    Climate-KIC Poland,
  • Dermot Corr –
    serial entrepreneur, Tech Saturday Founder.


Overview of the program:

12.VI: Purpose of the day: Focus is on ‘helping entrepreneurs to help customers’.  We help by gaining a deeper understanding of the entrepreneur ‘current situation’ & entrepreneur ambitions,

  • Creative challenge
  • Experiences of taking the technology to market, getting customer reactions and ‘passing the market test’ (Q&A)
  • Using Design Thinking method to get customers involved (intro.+action)
  • A facilitated discussion of the challenges of engaging with early customers
  • Testing your VP/MVP:  market making and implicit contracting (crossing the chasm) – how trust is gained through customer experiencing the VP and providing feedback for ‘error-reduction’ in the entrepreneurs’ hypothesis

14.VI: Purpose of the day:  Consultants’ presentations for entrepreneurs
• Presentations & feedback
• Social event

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