Understanding and Awareness of Systems Innovation Methodologies

As a university tutor in Macroeconomics for +10 years and a PhD holder in Management after doctoral studies on Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations,  which enabled me to attain deep and comprehensive understanding of HE, R&D, innovation, and business organisations – in their relational context, I have deep understanding and awareness of systems innovation methodologies.

This has also been developed by participation in C-KIC’s Train-the-Trainer programmes on systems innovation in Berlin and Brussels.

Good understanding of systems and systems change

  • Application of practical tools to analyse Global/ Ecological/ Economic/ Regional systems, which consisted of:
    • Systems Dynamics’ Mapping & Feedback,
    • ICT tools applications to deepen an understanding of interrelations between systems’ Objects/Subjects,
    • Analyze systems with “Backcasting” approach – e.g. with three “The Journeys” groups of young entrepreneurs, with young consultants and start-ups participating in Reading University – Henley Business School programme in Wroclaw, etc.,
  • Expert level understanding of systems including Complex Economic Systems – over 10 years experience of work as university professor of Economics and sharing knowledge on interconnected Economic and Technology Systems consisting of: Long-run and short-run economic growths – Business cycles – Banking systems – Exchange rates – Interest rates – International trade – Comparative advantage and protectionism – Employment – Economics of developing and transitional economies – Aggregated product generation,
  • PhD study with specialisation of Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations, in the area of management sciences offered me a deep and comprehensive understanding of systems thinking and systems innovation;
  • Practice-based experience in systems-related projects, e.g:
    • Fruitful student internship conducted at ZCW Gorazdze SA, currently: Heidelberger Zement AG,
    • Successful transfer of knowledge transfer that is from academia-to-industry while working on commercialisation of my M.A. research,
    • Innovative tutoring on IT applications with several listed companies such as Remak SA, Rafako SA Boiler Engineering Company,
    • Preparation of  modernisation and reorganisation plans, together with budget calculation application, for the regional leader in cartography OPGK,
    • Verification of the IT application for managerial financial analysis and reports for one of the Polish plant of BOSCH.
  • Searching for system innovations with divers tools and approaches, e.g. Flourishing business model canvas,
  • Delivering public lectures on systems thinking,
  • Organising of workshops on system thinking for the HEIs – e.g. Wroclaw University of Economics, AIK in Krakow, etc.

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