Coaching Background Experience in the Climate Change Field

My background experience as a coach in the field of climate change in a context of working with clean-tech start-ups, social enterprises, change initiatives and policy has been proved since 2014 when I started to provide with consultancy, coaching and mentoring mainly to the start-ups and entrepreneurial teams, such as those acting on market segments of Agri/Food Production with the respect to:

  • Climate-Change problems,
  • Circular Economy,
  • ICT,
  • Smart Transportation.  

My recent engagement includes coaching & mentoring for the start-ups involved in the Horizon2020’s accelerator programme ACTTIVATE – Pan European Clusters of Technology Transfer

My experience comes also from coaching on:

  • three the Journeys programmes of Climate-KIC, 
  • post – HBS consultancy programme in Wroclaw, which included clean-tech start-ups coaching & consultancy,
  • training delivery for participants of Climathon’2015, ‘2016, ‘2017



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