Tools used in Systems Innovation and Lean

International Center for Entrepreneurship is equipped with a range of tools used in systems innovation & lean, e.g.:

  • stakeholder mapping – demonstrated in a Strategy on Acceleration Programme elaborated for the C-KIC-CEE,
  • dialogue – which I trained and practised as a part of Deep Democratization Process,
  • visioning, especially of climate-related desired future and combined with backcasting,
  • Flourishing Business Model Canvas,
  • Lean Canvas,
  • Double Diamond Design Tool,
  • Melt Frame Canvas,
  • Value Discipline Tool,
  • Venture Design Process,
  • Business Modelling Tool,
  • Value Chain Tool.

We are able to offer a solid understanding of:

  • entrepreneurial process, 
  • Design Thinking,
  • application of Technology Adoption theories,
  • Value Proposition and Business Model Canvases,
  • Customer Persona,
  • PESTEL in environment and stakeholder models,
  • the theory of implicit contracts for overcoming consumer information asymmetry and purchase reluctance.

Outline of our training on Systems thinking, systems dynamics (mapping and feedback), Systems innovation:

1,5 day training, Lecture + Workshop:

  • Concept of circular economy and systems thinking (Intro lecture – app.45 min.)
  • Introduction to practical tools to enable companies to analyse their business system:
    • Mapping & Feedback on systems dynamics (workshop – app. 1,5 hrs)
    • Analyzing the companies’ business elements/systems with an IT tool – Loopy (workshop – app. 1,5 hrs)
    • Flourishing business model canvas (workshop – app. 3 hrs)
    • Developing first steps towards a more circular business model with tools: S.M.A.R.T., S.M.U.U.T.H. and O.K.R. (workshop – app. 1,5 hrs)
    • Searching for system innovations with tools: coaching maps, SCAMPER, 5WHYs, 5 W, 5 W & 2 H, PESTEL, Fishbone method, 5 ThinkingHats, BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY (workshop – app. 3 hrs)
    • Conclusions and summaries of the training with an E.L.A. approach (app.1 hr)

Outline of our training approach to Product service systems & Circular business models

1,5 day training, Lecture + Workshop:

  • Concept of Product service systems and circular business models (Intro lecture – app.45 min.)
  • Introduction to practical tools to enable companies to analyse product service systems and their circular business models
    • Product life cycle analysis with a Timeline Tapestries (workshop – app. 1,5 hrs)
    • Product Life Extension: Reuse – Repair – Remanufacturing (workshop – app. 1,5 hrs)
    • Analyzing and experimenting on close-loop resource flows with an IT tool – Loopy (workshop – app. 1,5 hrs)
    • Circular business strategies (intro. lecture – app. 30 min.)
    • Making first steps towards a more circular business models development of Business Model Innovation on a basis of Business ModelCanvas (workshop – app. 3 hrs)
    • Conclusions and summaries of the training with an E.L.A. approach (app.1,5 hr)

Experience in Innovation, Business creation & Modelling

  • PhD study with specialisation of Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations,
  • Supporting development of innovations, business creation and modelling by:
    • young entrepreneurs e.g. under “The Journey” programme,
    • start-ups (presented below),
    • established companies e.g. Noldus IT from the Netherlands, OPGK from Poland, Factories of BOSCH and Heidelberg Zement, listed companies – Remak S.A., Rafako S.A.
  • Scientific review of publication Poland: Emerging Innovation Leader of the Visegrad Group, by Dr. Daria Tataj, published by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland, 
  • Research on acceleration processes and programmes,
  • Research on practices of young entrepreneurs, business coaches, education managers and organisers of the educational programmes supporting process of launching, developing and growing of the new firms, since 2014,
  • Research on female entrepreneurship and networking, part of the international project WINGS, funded through competitive calls of the Lifelong Learning programme, 2014-2017,
  • Research on students’ internships and project work, part of the European Center for Project/Internship Excellence: PRAXISproject, funded through competitive calls of the Lifelong Learning programme, 2011-2014,
  • Doctoral research & studies within specialisation in Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations. The doctoral thesis focused on Human Resource Management, 2005-2007,
  • MA thesis research, which included energy auditing of listed production company.
  • The audit project concluded with the innovation that provided with annual energy cost reduction of 15%,
  • Preparation of the modernisation and reorganisation plan together with budget calculation application for the regional leader in cartography OPGK,
  • Verification of the IT application for managerial financial analysis and reports for one of the Polish plants of BOSCH.

Experience in Knowledge Triangle Integration and working with knowledge triangle stakeholders (education, research, business)

  • Experience in knowledge triangle integration:
    • Intergrating ideas of researchers and existing businesses of all types by looking for their best matches by evaluating the business potential of their cooporations / within MOZART programme (see also below),
    • Integrating partners from education – research – business under the projects:
      • H2020 – ACTTIVATE (see also below),
      • LLL Praxis project (see also below),  
      • Erasmus+ WINGS(see also below),
    • Integrating stakeholders of education – research – business – policy making by initiating and organising the International Conference on Higher Education – Partnership – Innovation: IHEPI.  Its purpose was to organize a forum for the identification and integration of experiences in means and methods of fruitful linkages between the academic world, policy-making institutions and business enterprises in pursuit of efficient co-ordination of higher education programs, innovation policies and market demands. Among the speakers of the event were guests from EIT, EC, HEIs, business organisations, parliament.
  • Working with knowledge triangle stakeholders:
    • working with and for HEIs (10+ years) as associate professor, researcher, visiting professor and lecturer  (see also below),
    • Doing research in teams of researchers, e.g.
      • energy auditing in cement factory,
      • research under University of York leadership on entrepreneurial skills development among engineers (within PRAXIS project), 
    • Working for and with business by consulting, coaching and mentoring their innovative technologies and ideas,
    • Management, leadership and implementation of international projects engaging partners from education – research – business, e.g. H2020 – ACTTIVATE (see below), LLL Praxis project,  Erasmus+ WINGS project, etc.

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