Green Deal

European_Commission.svg_I’m glad to confirm to become an independent expert of the Green Deal programme to the European Commission – European Innovation Council (EIC) !

In practice it means a participation in the evaluation process of applications for max.€ 17.5 million to Green Deal calls submitted to the European Innovation Council (EIC).

The European Green Deal is an ambitious package of measures that aims at enabling European citizens and businesses to benefit from the sustainable green transition.

Who can apply:
• Individual SMEs with high-risk, high-growth potential aimed at creating new markets,
• Substantial funding for the last stages of development,
• Bottom-up: all sectors, products, services, new business models,
• Grant- activities of TRL 6-8: € 0.5 – 2.5 million (funding rate 70% of the total cost of the project),
• With equity option (blended finance)- activities TRL 6 and above: plus up to €15 million.

Projects support the Green Deal implementation by significant contribution to the following sustainability goals:
• Increasing the EU’s climate mitigation and/or adaptation ambition,
• Supplying clean, affordable and secure energy,
• Transitioning of the industry to a clean and/or circular economy (including waste prevention and/or recycling),
• Building and renovating in energy and resource-efficient way,
• Accelerating the shift to sustainable and smart mobility,
• Transition to a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system,
• Preserving and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity,
• Realising a zero pollution ambition and a toxic-free environment.

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