Coaching Background Experience in the Climate Change Field

My background experience as a coach in the field of climate change in a context of working with clean-tech start-ups, social enterprises, change initiatives and policy has been proved since 2014 when I started to provide with consultancy, coaching and mentoring mainly to the start-ups and entrepreneurial teams, such as those acting on market segments of Agri/Food Production with the respect to: … More Coaching Background Experience in the Climate Change Field

Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

My vital interest in, understanding of and personal passionate engagement in climate change adaptation and mitigation started during my Individualized Education Plan, which included MA studies in Management and in Electrical Engineering in order to better conduct an energy auditing in some international plant and to commercialise its results.  It brought about a substantial decrease in production costs and … More Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Supporting the development of others

Supporting the development of others has always been a part of my coaching, consultancy, training and tutoring activities. In my work, I have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the methodological aspects of personal and professional growth. Finding the best methods to move my students and participants of various training types to action – for example, … More Supporting the development of others

Work in Scientific and Technology Fields

My confidence to work in scientific and technology fields is sustained by years of university studies with graduation from two technical universities: once as an engineer with MA title and secondly as a doctor of Management after completing my doctoral studies. Moreover, my insight into the co-operation with a broad variety of business enterprises – from … More Work in Scientific and Technology Fields

Proficient level of English (C2)

My proficient level of English (C2) is related with the fact that for the last 13 years, I have been working as a business coach, trainer, consultant and regular university lecturer almost exclusively in English. I am also an author of nearly 30 articles in English published by international journals, including Daily Planet Magazine and Euroscientist Magazine (more in CV). I was also invited … More Proficient level of English (C2)

Training in coaching

I am a professional coach, trained from a recognised coaching institution – the International Coach Federation (ICF) on Acceleration Coach Excellence and have experience from coaching practice. I was also trained on: mentoring tools and methods, coaching, coaching maps. Training on coaching delivered by: Climate-KIC Training (six times), coaching institutions such as Reflexive, the Centre for Career … More Training in coaching

Knowledge of Business- Political-Social Dynamics

With respect to the knowledge of business, political, and social dynamics, and how they can be transformed to scientific & innovation projects  I would emphasize that it came together with my professional experience, studies at technical university, various traineeships, e.g. SAP Academy, and co-operations with SMEs, listed and multinational companies. I got a practice-based experience working with transitions, scientific … More Knowledge of Business- Political-Social Dynamics

Understanding and Awareness of Systems Innovation Methodologies

As a university tutor in Macroeconomics for +10 years and a PhD holder in Management after doctoral studies on Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations,  which enabled me to attain deep and comprehensive understanding of HE, R&D, innovation, and business organisations – in their relational context, I have deep understanding and awareness of systems innovation methodologies. … More Understanding and Awareness of Systems Innovation Methodologies

Facilitation – Observation – Feedback skills

I am trained and experienced in facilitation, observation and feedback skills practised and sustained on a daily basis. My extended experience in providing support for groups of varying size from small (4-5 participants) to very large (up to 120 persons) alike has its roots in professional practice in academic teaching (as tutor and lecturer), in consultancy activities … More Facilitation – Observation – Feedback skills