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Aleksa Aleksic  /  McDaniel College / Course on Entrepreneurship and Small Business management  / Dec.16,2016

“Thank you for the great adventure you provided us throughout this semester, it was definitely one of the most intense and interesting learning experiences I’ve had!! ”


Shutong Wei / Corvinus University of Economics / Dec 14, 2016

“Dear Pro. Agnieszka Klucznik-Toro, I will be graduating this academic year thanks in part to your good mentoring and guidance in conducting and finishing my thesis.
Without your patience and illuminating guidance, my thesis would not have reached its present form.”


Sandeep / Delft University of Technology / Oct 13, 2016

“Dear Aga, it was an honor for me to have you as my coach for “The Journey 6/2016”; your feedback and reflection sessions helped me a lot in developing the social part in myself. Your encouragement and stimulation also helped me in pitching my business idea during those amazing 5 weeks.
Please continue inspiring other students and showing them the potential they possess. You are doing a great job with the heart on the right place, Aga!”

“Dear Aga, thank you so much for the amazing 5 weeks. I actually don’t know where to start. Pete and you were an amazing team and all together we did it. Thank you for the girls night, your love and your caring. You are amazing J AND thank you for pushing us into SEA D, without you, we wouldn’t have done it, so you were on stage with us yesterday!
Love, Brenda” / Wageningen University 

“Dear Aga, when I started the Journey I thought it will be difficult for me to integrate with others and to find a way to go on with my PhD and with the Journey at the same time. But seeing you I was so inspired that I get new inspiration and dreams for my future life. You are for me an example of integrity, of teacher and motivational coach. It was a pleasure for me to be a part of this amazing Journey 3.
I hope, one day, to be able to listen to the others and to understand their needs and feelings, as you!
I hope to see you again. Saveria” /
University of Bologna


“Dear Aga, I’ll use symbolically the backside of my next 9-months objectives on climate-change. You are an amazing facilitator and enabler to let people grow as persons and professionals. Your radical belief in us make us thieve and gave us endless opportunities to fight, change and experiment. Thanks! Vince” / University of Antwerp

“Aga, watching you work over the past weeks has been inspirational! The amount of time and effort you put into everything while maintaining an energetic & positive demander is amazing! We would not have been able to pull of SEA D without your suggest of 3D printing and guidance throughout the process! Please, please, please keep doing this (coaching) and continue to inspire young adults to make connections & have the guts to start businesses!
Thanks for all you’ve done for me and my team – Kale” /
Utrecht University 

“Dear Aga, thanks for spreading love to the whole group. I will never thank you enough for this inspirational journey. Max”  / Imperial College London

“Dear Aga, Thank you for taking so much care of us. We really felt you as a figure of authority, but also one that we could share our problems with. I hope you get the position you were talking about earlier, and also I hope the best for you. Best wishes – Arturo” / Technical University of Catalunia

“Aga, you are an amazing person! I still cannot believe how patient you are! J I feel grateful that I was in the journey with you. I see the end of the journey as this picture… Now it is time to fly!
Hope to see you again… Dimitra” /
TU Delf

 Dear Aga. Thanks for everything in this journey! And also the understanding of my team’s issues. I couldn’t make it finished if I didn’t talk with you and know your personal “recipe” for such situation. Wish you all the best and hope to see you again!!! Don’t forget to contact me when you visit China! Love: Muyun ” / Wageningen University

“Post-its are awesome! Thanks for steering the amazing flow of ideas in these 5 weeks! Best, Vince

“Dear Aga, it was a pleasure to meet you. You are a very kind person and I was amazed by you still shining and being happy after only a few hours of sleep! Charlotte”,
Wageningen University


“Dear Aga, tanks for all nice conversations and your openness & understanding, and especially for the support for my friend. Thank you!!! Adriaan” / TU Delf

 “Dear Aga, You bring so many good vibrations to the group. I could see you would be a great coach from the day we met (on the coach). Heartiest wishes. Mukund” / Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Dear Aga, it was a privilege to meet you! I will never forget you as the mama of the group taking care of everyone! I hope to see you again on the reunion. Keep being the lovely person you are! Keep doing what you’re doing and I wish you the best in life. Love – Nina” /
University Ghent

“Aga, thanx for the support during the Journey. And of course the reflection sessions! It was great!! Cheers, Dennis” /
Utrecht University

“Dear Aga, thank you so much for your support during the journey, I learned a lot with you and I want to thank you for creating the unique atmosphere of CCM with Pete! I hope we can all stay <in the loop>
J Cheers. Remy” / UPMC/IEP


“Dear Aga, I want to thank you for your patience and calmness. Even in the stressfulness moments, you were our rock. But you have been critical as well and for our dreamy idea that was useful. I was really happy that you joined girls night, but also showed us that women can be strong, patient and successful. For all that, I want to thank you. All the best – Sophie” / Lund University


“Dear Aga, I did not meet any person as carrying and friendly like you. You definitely meet your objectives J Many thanks for caring for me when I felt bad because of my cyclist in Warwick.
You and Pete were not like coaches or supervisors but part of the group.
Many thanks for making the Journey enjoyable! Nanja” /
Goethe Universität FFM,


“My dear Aga, thank you very much for your support during this Journey. I’m sure that it was a valuable experience and that I learned a lot. Please keep your encouraging nature and your tolerance for (slightly) drunk people burning English lawns.  Your Sven” / Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


“Dear Aga. Thank you a lot for all your positives moments, great feedback and being the mother of the group. I learned a lot from you and you were great at setting up the objectives. Furthermore, I will also thank for you all the feedback for SEA D. Journey 3 rocks, just because you made us rock! Thanks a lot and I hope I will see you again soon. Big hug – Sacha” / VU University


“Dear Aga, Never underestimate the power of a coach. You have really showed me this! Your absolutely loving character is something that sometimes conceals the absolute perfect, to the point, advice you can give. You have been an inspiration; both personally and “entrepreneurially”.
Thank you so much Aga. I will never forget!!
Warm regards and till we meet again. Michiel” /
Delft University of Technology

“Dear Aga, how did you manage it. Every day, no exceptions, you spoke to the group and the members with a smile that unew no end! It is truly amazing that someone has such a positive personality, even though the group made it hard, you seemingly had no trouble to maintain that smile! Five weeks, that’s 35 days. For all your objectives, I consider all of them achieved.
You were great and with Pete as “father”, you made an awesome “mother” with 40 “little” kids.
Thank you for taking care of us. Keep smiling! Atse
J ” / University Utrecht


“Dear Aga, What a journey. Prior my departure I had mixed feelings: why did I extended an intensive year of studies with five more weeks of lectures, workshops and hard work? Curious about the experience, I borrowed a suitcase from my uncle, last minute as an under…, and set out. From day one it turned out to be great. The mix of cultures, personalities, interests  and attitudes made it interesting from the start. Question to peers on what drives them, why they were here and what they hoped to get out of it. Like you, these are things that interred me.
In my opinion you facilitated this in an inspiring way.
Making people tea with every … known to me and cleaning it has healing powers stressed the burner point. Thank you for a great experience, who knows we will meet again. Jochen” /
TU Delft


“You did great. You didn’t loose any one – haha. Moreover, I felt you were really there for us. Thank you very much for that.”

“Dear Aga, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this 5 amazing weeks. You have a really warm heart, and maybe didn’t fulfil your objective of speaking to 15-20 people a day. But you gave us a greater gift than that. You were there when we needed and showed honest interest in everyone. And I can tell that I have great difficulties with opening up to everyone. I cannot say that I passed this objective of opening up more. But this Journey made me think about it a lot. And you probably don’t know but you were a central person in putting me in the right direction. So I want to thank you for your warm heart, openness and sharing of knowledge. I hope for you all the best in the world. I will take this experience with me to the rest of my life! Sandra
ps. Hopefully something good will happen in 9 months (and I don’t mean a baby)”

I keep in my mind so many wonderful moments with you [coaches] and the students. I’ve never experienced something like that before, and in a way, it changed my vision of how we can build together the (our) future. The power of a group such as this cannot really be described, it was my best experience so far, and finding again a group with so many talents appears to be quite impossible”. Florian Cochard (the Journey 6/2014 participant)

What this summer school made me realised is that even young people can be taken seriously as entrepreneurs and have their own businesses. I think my perception of the business world was too stiff, and having another international experience was very mind-broadening”. Alice (the Journey 6/2014 participant)

I feel that my self confidence and spoken skills have improved a lot. I learnt the business side of my project as well as how I can market my PhD project in the future. What should be the target markets and how can I convince them. I learnt a lot from The Journey and now have lots of friends from all over Europe.” Maida Zahid (the Journey 6/2014 participant)



2 thoughts on “Feedback – Review – Opinions & more

  1. Dear Aga, it was an honor for me to have you as my coach for “The Journey 6/2016”; your feedback and reflection sessions helped me a lot in developing the social part in myself. Your encouragement and stimulation also helped me in pitching my business idea during those amazing 5 weeks.

    Please continue inspiring other students and showing them the potential they possess. You are doing a great job with the heart on the right place, Aga!

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