WINGS focus groups research

Presentation of WINGS in Wroclaw and Łódź, Poland

I.2015, Wroclaw & Lodz, Poland

During the month of January 2015, the International Center for Entrepreneurship (ICE) Poland, successfully held three focus groups research: the first took place in Wroclaw (Poland), on 14th January 2015; the second and the third meetings, instead, were held on 15th January 2015, in Łódź (Poland).

Thanks to the fructuous cooperation with the Office of Promotion and Professional Development of Wroclaw University of Economics as well as the Portal Aktywnych Kobiet w Łodzi, ICE was able to gather participants’ experiences, their feedbacks about projects related to female entrepreneurship, and their interesting suggestions and talk about current challenges and opportunities for women. Among participants of focus group research there were representatives from the Wroclaw University of Economics, the Portal Aktywnych Kobiet, from public and private institutions and non-governmental organisations, experts in retail banking and representatives from Łódź Agency for Regional Development.

The results of the research are published in the REPORT ON FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN POLAND

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